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    Default Can u believe this ?????

    Here i go , need/want to know your opinion on this .

    I am also a member on a camaro forum, i race boats and did race cars ( for a while )

    So , the question came up about HP and, the relaxed dude that i am ,,always friendly and so on ..( HAHAHAHA ) trying to explain some young kid on there that it is not HP what makes a car move it is tourge...the higher the tourge , the higher the HP..because Hp is nothing else then tourge multiplied by RPM ?! IMO. YES / NO ?????
    Ok, so we all know , because most of us where or are still the same way then young guys ..and think the more HP the better ( mostly to show off ) i know, we all like that ..its just being a

    Well, now this kid tells me tourge is only needed to get a car moving, once in motion it would be HP that takes over ??? WOW,,but oh well. what is your opinion on that ??

    BTW, i told him absolutley NOT !!! That u need tourge to overcome DRAG at any speed and HP is just a side effect ( kind of ). THOUGHTS ????

    The reason how this all started was because of intake questions for a daily driver with a 383...and i told him that the stock intake will work perfect although he will have 30 CI more it will not effect performance in a bad way . THOUGHTS ???


    Then there is an other guy on there ..trying to convince everybody that moisture in a engine will start to burn off at 32 degree farenheit !!! WOW !!!!!
    Of course i told him good luck with that ! THOUGHTS ???

    I then tried to tell him he will have a bunch of milkshake ontop of his rockers and slinging in the pan after a while .... his responds was ..NO WAY , the only way u get a milkshake is if a head is cracked or a headgasket failed !!!

    Now after all this i am beginning of questioning myself ... Am i the one that is stupid and am i missing something here ???? THOUGHTS ???

    I know its not your problem here , i just thought i let u help me figure my self out now that i am not shure anymore if i do know something or if i am the stupid one !!!!!

    THANK U ALL !!!

    1996 Suburban K3500 SLT DUALLY
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    You are correct on the Torque vs HP part. A dyno doesn't even measure HP. It measures torque & then through mathmatical calculation computes a HP number. That is why the HP & torque curves on the graph ALWAYS cross at 5250 RPM no matter what engine they are testing.
    Technically you & the kid are both correct on the torque gets is moving, but more HP gets it from point A to B faster. More Torque also does this lol Here again, you have NO HP if you don't have torque first. It's all a matter of words & what they mean, & what the person saying them thinks they mean. It's kind of like discussing politics with someone who thinks they know what they know, but they don't know the diff between a socialist & a commuist.

    Jeez you ask a lot of questions in this thread. My fingers are smokin..

    Technically H2O does start to burn off above 32 F but not in the way (terminology) most people think about. It begins to evaporate from ice @32F, & is changing from a solid to a liquid & to a gas all in the matter of less than 1 degree, but we don't see it as being burnt off till it dissappears into steam at 212 F. It's just a matter of symantics. The guy is just trying to confuse you with words. You say tomato, he says tomauto lol
    As far as the milkshake, it depends on how much water he has in there.
    I don't know about your 383 & the intake manifold que cuz I wasn't in on the discussion.
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    No rev limiter, No speed limiter lol

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    The way i have best had it described to me is "Torque is how fast you can go and HP is how fast you get there". NOw that is laymans and boiled down so my peanut brain can comprehend there is a long winded answer as well. But i like short and sweet when it comes to things like this.

    The intake is bought and used for use a factory intake will work best on a daily driver with an inexperienced driver, and a single or dual plane for a person who is used to the higher and different output of a stroker.

    As for Milkshake.. wow uhh up here in MN it is very common on vehicles that get to operating temp for them to not burn all of the moisture out of the motor. I have a buddy with a 4.7L dodge motor that the oil after 2K miles has a white tinge to it since his wife only drives 6 miles to school. Another buddy with a 5.7L Vortec has HUGE problem with it since he drives 25 miles to work but then it sits all day. That is why short drives are harder on engines among other things is the moisture in the motor not being burnt off because the motor doesnt always get over 150 degrees or more, and the oil therefore never gets over 212 to vaporize and steam it out of the oil!


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