Hey, Since I bought "Mud Chukker" I have had problems going through the transfer case gears... For one, I have to make sure the truck is moving before I even attempt to switch between lo and hi 2 or 4, It seems to go into and out of 4-hi 2-hi not too badly, however after the truck is in 4-lo its really difficult to get it back into 2-hi, most of the time I have to go to 4-hi and then back up to 2-hi, even that is difficult, the stick will shift into the proper spot (or so it seems) but when you put the Truck in Drive again, you get nothing, and if you try to pull the t-case shifter back down you get grinding of some sort... if you fiddle with it enough it will go (so far) but Im just worried that one of these days it will leave me stranded somewhere, Whats the problem??????????
Its an NP203 with a Mile Marker 2x4 conversion kit in it. and Manual WARN locking hubs.