because i work for a company completely powered by solar energy, i was asked to speak to a group of teenagers at a "fresh minds create fresh ideas" solution program about electric powered automobiles and was asked to break the idea down into a simple analogy, and i thought it was pretty good, so i thought I'd share it.

here is the analogy referring to the Prius, Chevy Volt and a Hummer in relation to food. (what a great concept for teens)

-a Hummer or any other big V8 vehicle is like a delicious double cheeseburger with all the toppings. it is desirable, but they are very unhealthy to you (the environment)

-a Chevy Volt is like a gourmet salad with some healthy flavorful dressing. not as desirable as a big burger, but very tasty and in the long run much more healthy for you. this is because the Volt is not only fuel efficient, it is also a beautiful sedan with great value and nice features. it is also exciting to look at and apparently nice to drive.

-however, (sorry if I'm offending anyone who has a Prius, it is just my opinion from research, as sourced by Prius drivers) a Prius is like a plain, cold, hard cheeseburger. undesirable, but also bad for you (the environment, because of the procedures used to build Hybrid batteries) and in the long run will not benefit you. a hybrid battery will wear out after 7-10 years. after that, you are left with an underpowered gas powered car. it would be unsellable because of the reason just stated above. also, a conventional/two mode hybrid is a wrong follow-through, because the engine is the dominant energy source with a battery assist. what a better idea for a Hybrid is a vehicle that you plug in to charge and there is a gas engine for emergency situations when the battery runs out of charge, and the gas engine would not be the dominant energy source.

this is my breakdown of Hybrid vehicles based on experience. this is my opinion, and although it may not be a fact that a Prius is a terrible car, I did research and talked to a few Prius owners, and they all said that they did not really want to drive their Prius, but it was more of an obligation to "save the earth"