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    Default Headlamp Fogging? [Expired Topic]

    Just took a little excursion through the rain in the '07 Nox. When I got home I noticed that one of the headlamp lenses was fogged up internally. Has anyone experienced this? Its a warranty problem and I do not expect trouble from dealer, but I like to go in armed with foreknowlege. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Dealer says it is normal condition. The only thing they could do is dry it out with a rag.

    I found GM TSB# 01-08-42-001D that addresses the problem.

    It seems that this IS normal to a point all the way back to '93 cars and trucks. TSB says lens should clear in 2-6 hrs, sooner if vehicle is driven in dry weather with headlamps on. 48hrs. later, I still have moisture. TSB notes that if only one side is wet, then there may be a problem with a clogged lens vent. (Lens Vent??!! ) Where is the lens vent? Dealer did not know either.

    I have called GM Cust. Asst. No immediate help. The complaint has been bumped up to OSM. (OSM?) Anyway, as it sits, I am waiting for reply due in a few days.

    I would be very appreciative if someone could offer a thought or two here.


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    Ya the seal might be broken in it. You might need to replace it. Moisture + Bulb = Bad!
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    I got hold of the right person at the dealership, and he said YES, he would pull everything, blow and clean it out. It would be a one time thing as a courtesy to a long time customer. The latest word from GM is to stop fixing them. I found in my research that this is a problem with certain GM models going back to '93.I took the higher ground and said I would not be a jerk and just take it because it was free. I have this issue well documented all the way up the line with GM. I have a reasonable level of trust with this dealer. Besides, it would be more fun to wait until the algae starts growing and then have them tell me this is normal. It does "wane" in size as in larger and smaller. I think I found the vent and it appears free. Unless you are a detail freak like me, most people would never notice it unless it was in its larger size. It blends in well with the reflector grille. So for the time being, I'll just wait and see.


    PS: Strolling through parking lots these days, I am seeing this in not only a few GM's here and there, but also in Lincolns with similar headlamp design.
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    Just a thought to add about this. I installed aftermarket headlights on my Cobalt SS and have this same problem. It is a common problem with aftermarket headlights too. One guy that had this problem decided to place a silicone packet that normally comes with packaged clothing, shoes, etc. in the headlight where it wouldn't be seen and claims to not have this problem anymore. I haven't done it yet, but it makes sense. Just my 2 cents.

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