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Thread: G80 Wont engage

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    Default G80 Wont engage

    Hey gents,
    i have a 2000 silverado 4.8L auto with the eaton G80 rear. We recently got 25+ inches of snow, and noticed that with one wheel on dry pavement and one on snow, the locker will not engage. From what i know of the eaton locker it should engage. Im not sure what to do. i might pull the diff cover again.

    Thanks for looking guys.
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    The G80 can be finicky sometimes. When I used to play with mine like that (one wheel on ice/snow, one on pavement) it would sometimes engage and sometimes not. Before going to the effort of opening the diff, I'd run a standard test. Jack up one of the rear wheels, chock the front wheels (so it won't go anywhere), then drop it in gear and let off the brake at idle. The wheel should start spinning, then the G80 should lock. If it doesn't lock in this test, then something is stuck or something inside.
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    Ok, ill give this a try. You are right, the G80 can be finicky, sometimes after id light the tires up the locker wouldnt disengage, i found this out when i would take a turn and have the inside wheel chirp. Thanks for the reply mrshorty.
    -Dan from NJ

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    I tried jacking one wheel up and spinning the wheel, and it did not lock....ill be pulling the diff cover to inspect that littler flapper device.

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