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    Default 2000 Savanah Windshield Washer

    New member and new poster, so bear with me =)

    I have a 2000 GMC Savanah 3500, that I bought used a few months ago. Its been a peach, overall, just one small issue. When I bought it, wipers worked a bit funky, but the washer worked fine. I replaced the wiper motor, and the wipers have been fine since, but in the last few weeks, the washers quit working. I am not even hearing the pump run. Checked the obvious things like fuse, and washer fluid level, and the electrical connector to the pump. Next step was to pull the washer pump itself. In order to do that, it appears that I need to pull the washer bottle out. In order to do that (begin sarcasm) it appears I have to dissasemble most of the nose of the truck (end sarcasm). Honestly, between brake lines, computer box and wiring harness, and the front upper crossmember, I don't see how that washer bottle comes out.

    Any advice/pictures/instructions/comiseration for what to do?

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    Welcome to the GM club ML. Before you pull the washer bottle, check the voltage at the pump while you have a helper activate the switch. I'd hate to see you dissassemble the front half of your rig, just to find out the pump is ok & the problem was no elect supply.

    Also secondary:, but still a possibility depending on where you live. If you live in the north, & you're not using the correct washer fluid it won't have enough methanol in it to keep it from freezing in the pump. The blue fluid just doesn't make it in cold climates.
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    I AM using the "blue water", but its been fine, this winter, in my other vehicles, as well as appears to be unfrozen in the van. Just to be sure, I checked it yesterday afternoon, when it was about 55-60 degrees, and the van was sitting int he sun all day. still no joy.

    I THINK I can get to the connector to the pump, without removing anything drastic, I will check that with a meter.

    One related question I came across: I mentioned in my OP, that I checked the fuses... by that I mean, I checked all the fuses that I thought the washer pump might be on, owing to the fact that the fusebox cover only has about 8 letters to label each fuse, which doesn't spell out much. I am used to the fusebox cover from my 81 mercedes, which lists in 6pt font, ALL the circuits that go through each fuse, inside the lid of the fusebox. So, the relate question - anyone know which fuse specifically (they are numbered) the washer pump runs off of? Or, where I can find out? I haven't gutted the owners manual looking for it yet, nor have I managed to purchase the shop manual for it... come to think of it, those might be good things to do...

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