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    I am utterly curious to how this project is going. Did the electrical gremlins get straightened out yet? Other than minor work, I have always called in a pro when it came to wiring issues myself.

    Well, that's not true, I have chased down my share of issues in the past, there are just so many things that can be wrong, all the way down to stupid stuff like fried components and melted solder joints.

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    I WISH it was resolved!! I think the wiring harness is catching on a piece of his dash panel and so I cannot pull switch far enough away from housing to unplug. I removed the bottom dash panel to see if I could gain access that way as well as to examine wiring set up. Fancy aftermarket stuff... alarm aux wiring harness port and shock sensor, trailer wiring receiver plug, and a relay spliced into the main harness. No evidence of any wiring issues. It looks like it's done well.

    Anyway... I still cannot gain access, because I have revealed a steel plate now from below. I am debating on attempting to pry driver's side top dash panel up enough to attempt to pop out the small triangular corner piece of the dash, which is what I am tracing the wire resistance to. It's a 10 wire plug, with locking tabs on top (which I can see/reach) and below... which I can't see or reach. In case the plug/wiring is decent... I don't want any "OOPS" when unplugging it.

    I'd love your help, if you can think of anything for me to try!!
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    Update! Figured out the lack of give was from taping job below when former owner spliced in alarm system into harness. Gave it a tug upwards, and got enough give to remove switch enough to unplug! Yay!

    Not sure how to test it properly. The manual's directions make zero sense to me. But, I tried attaching black lead of ohmmeter to ground connector terminal on switch, then inserted red lead into each labeled circle. Some I got continuity, one struggled to find continuity, and others had no reading at all. Not sure I'm doing this right. About ready to go to auto parts store with ohmmeter and old part and compare test with a new part.

    Anyone know how to test a headlight switch??? This is a link to a picture of the switch.

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    Whoops! I forgot to post an update. After fiddling around with my ohmmeter, I was able to establish which points I could get a reading from (4 of them) and whether there was strong continuity (one had weak continuity). Then, I called and sweet-talked dodge service foreman on the phone to double check I was performing the test properly. Then, I had my friend who lives near the parts store (which is far from me) go with his ohmmeter and a picture of my switch and identity of points that my ohmmeter got readings from... and he compared it with the new part. He got continuity readings on 5 points (not 4)... and very strong continuity on the point that I'm showing as weak.

    Pretty sure it's a bad switch. As soon as the @#%#% blizzard is over, I will go to parts store, get a new switch, and hope it does the trick!

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    Do the headlights work on high beam? If it does, that's a further indicator of the switch.
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    Yes, Texas. First he lost his dash/park, then he lost his low beams. He still has headlights, highbeams, and brake lights.

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    Just buy a new switch and stick it in there already..if the new one does not work either...bring it back to NAPA !!!!

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    Geez, Scott... drink much caffeine?? lol

    At the moment, I am trapped at my house in a nasty blizzard. I will get the switch as soon as the storm is over... which at this point will be tomorrow morning.

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    DAMN honey..a blizzard ?? i hope the horsy's are ok ??!!

    Stay warm and safe !

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    Yup... a blizzard... and a nasty one too! My horsies are good, thanks. They are surprisingly tough and can handle extreme winter conditions well. They have a decent shelter and extra amounts of super rich hay.

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