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    Default Lucas trans additive

    Lucas Oil?: A Advance Auto guy who used to own his own shop recommended LUCAS OIL for my transmission? Said the seals were going bad, when they get old they get hard, and takes awhile for them to warm up and get flexible..Said Lucas Oil loosended then up? Anyone ever have any luck with this LUCAS TRANS OIL? THANKS

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    I'll be honest I used Lucas in one of my trucks and didn't notice any difference. At the shop we make fun of it because of all the commercial hype it gets. Best cure for old seals is to replace with new, you could try the Lucas if you like it chances are it wont hurt anything but from my experience it isn't worth the money.

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    If it helps; I bought a '85 1t Chevy 12 passenger van in great shape. Had it a week, fixed the guages, loaded 11 people in it and drove to FLA.

    When we hit the state line we got a temp light and found the rear seal on the tranny was leaking. I called my tranny guy back here and he suggested Lucas. I added a 1/3 of the bottle and the leak was sealed the next morning. We drove it the rest of the week+ and back to MI - no leaks, no issues, less pissed in the mountians...

    The tranny needs a rebuild, just cause, but I'm sold on the Lucas.


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    Default speed co

    I worked at Speed Co. If you don't know it's an oil change shop for semi's. We were doing close to 30 services a shift on the busy nights and I'd say a little over half of those had us adding some type of lucas oil product. I know your thinking that the crew chief's job is to up sale the customer as much as possible but he didn't have to.
    Those professional drivers would ask for it as soon as they opened their doors, "Got Lucas Here?"

    We added it to diffs, trans, and engines alike. Never really heard anything about their fuel treatment but I wouldn't be afraid to try it.

    All that said, there really isn't any substitute for a new replacement.


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    I put this stuff called tranX in my trucks. It is pretty good stuff, does the same stuff helps stop leaks stops slipping etc. My friends dad owns a transmission shop and says that stuff costs him business.
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    Default its a great stop gap measure, it worked for me

    My trans was going, for about 3 months, every now and again, it would lock up but I always managed to get it to settle down and then a fter a long drive it went - I already had the Lucas in my turck stored away unopened and was going to put it but my mechanic said no.

    Well I was so far away, I put it in anyway, without draining the other stuff - the tranny unlocked, the noise went away, and I kept on driving it for another 9 more months.

    I only wished I had put it in there, when I first had a tranny problem - instead I drove it for thee more months and probably did a lot of damage in that time that would have been mitigated by the Lucas.

    The stuff works.

    Now I have a differential/axle that is about to go and wish I had done the same with that.

    As for the tranny, I switched it out with a Jasper, because it was a 460 LE, havent had a problem since and my rig is always overloaded.

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    It will stop shaft seal leaks because it re-softens the rubber, so in emergencies it will work for this, but I haven't heard of any firsthand info saying that it will do anything else.
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    Two experiences with the Lucas Trans additive.
    1) I've been using it in my '91 BMW 525i..they are notorius for having the automatic transmissions in need of replacement at around 150,000 miles. I've been using the Lucas stuff and the car has 237,000 miles on the original transmission..pretty much close to a record for that vehicle for having the original transmission without a rebuild.
    I would say the additive was a major factor in keeping the trans alive for so long.

    2) I put it in my '03 Denali XL..not long after the trans cooler in the radiator let go. I had strawberry milkshake stuff coming out of the coolant reservior? This is a common problem from some of the forums I read. I attribute that to the higher viscosity of the Lucas product and the fact that I didn't remove and tranny fluid prior to putting it in.. My bad!

    All in all I'd say it's probably worth the money at least in case 1 above. I do use the oil additive in my cars.

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    Transmission additives swell up rubber seals. They work but keep in mind they swell up all the seals inside the transmission and once the rubber swells up it can cause clutch pistons to stick and other problems down the road. Never add this crap to a good working transmission as it will shorten the life of the transmission. If the transmission is leaking and slipping then it cant hurt as the transmission is about to fail anyway.

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