Wow, i just bought some flowers from and they advertise that there is a 50% off package, which is a big draw into buy. I figured it was just a flower discounter and they marked way up to then do 50% off.

Anyhow, to get the 50% off you have to sign-up to a MONTHLY $9.99 package where they will give you a nearly worthless discount card. But that's all hidden in the fine print that looks like the rest of the site.

Luckily for me, their bad website design let me to click "NO" I don't want to sign-up for this package (I think) and they charged me the full rate, which was probably more money than 1-800-FLOWERS. Then they hit me with a $15 service fee and another $5 fee for something else.

So, just beware what you're getting into. Especially when you're in a hurry and don't expect to get screwed when checking out. Gimmicks are so dreadful for a company like this! They're bound to crash and burn from the bad reviews I'll bet.

Be careful when you think you're getting 50% off - it's a scam to get you to sign up to a month package that's not worth .99.  What a crock.