My wife drives a 2007 Equinox. After owning a 2003 Monte Carlo SS (what a nice car that was, but try puttin' a grandkid in a car seat in the back seat of one!)she is not impressed, to say the least, with her Equinox! I also would much rather be tooling around in my Silverado than the "Snox"!!That being said........the Equinox is not the kind of car that you will get excited about, but it does many things very well! You can fit a ton of crap or 4 generously sized adults and their crap in a "Snox" comfortably! Ride and handling are decent and the price is pretty close to a bargain IMO! The transmission is really smooth and the V-6 is quite peppy! The AWD is very good in bad weather. My only true beef with the Equinox is the fuel economy could be better! The wife and I just took a short trip for the weekend to visit her family and we decided to take our 19 month old granddaughter along for the visit. Well I was looking forward to another ride in the Silverado, but she put the kibosh (she does really like the Silverado) to that! Well puttin' a baby in a car seat in the back seat of an extended cab Silverado is not nearly as easy as in the back seat of the "Snox"! Plus our crap stayed dry in the back of the "Snox" versus the outdoors exposure of my "tonneauless" Silverado. After the trip I was glad we took the "Snox".Don't tell her I admitted that she was right!
Definetely a car to consider at a price (about $25,000) that is not too bad by today's standards.