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Well in that case I admire your ambition! Can't help with the install since my truck has torsion bars, but I can tell you good luck and stay safe!
Thanks, Adam. Again, I do appreciate your concern. Sometimes I am a bit too ambitious and it causes problems for me. After I take on this task, though, my truck will go straight to a shop for re-allignment. As such, if there are any serious problems that I have overlooked (which should be doubtfull) they will be noticed there.

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Make sure you get strong enough & tall enough jackstands. I ended up getting mine from Tractor Supply and they are 6 Ton and go as high as 26 inches. My old jackstands were 3 ton, but was not tall enough for the truck with the level kit and new tires. Just something to keep in mind.....
Thanks again for more good advice! I love doing things right the first time. I would have hated to get there and buy the wrong stands that caused a problem somewhere else along the road. It's good to know that Tractor Supply has them too. They're just down the road.