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    Sounds like time to call in the Hammer!!!!

    Have you talked to your Ins. co. and let them know whats going on? It's in thier best interest to step in and take action about now.

    Or call a liar and let him handle the situation.

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    I talked to a couple of attorneys and most of the big name guys want to see folks who have had surgery,etc. That's ok, I understand that. I basicly fit into smaller category, but at least one or two are interested in helping me out. Maybe even to work out a deal with a young attorney where I'll do a website for him if he handles my case. Old fashioned bartering.

    I did call my insurance company last night, so we'll see what they say today when my adjuster comes on board.

    On another note, I took the MSN live maps overview photos and super-imposed the lanes and what traffic looked like on that day. Take a look.

    Overview of the scene.

    Close up of above showing entrance.

    Here is a simple diagram showing how the lanes exist and how traffic flows.

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    Word of advice to you Steve, you should have called your insurance immediately, because then you don't ever have to talk to their insurance, because you can dang sure count on your insurance not wanting to pay ANYTHING they don't have to, so their attorneys will fight the person at fault's insurance for you.

    My insurance company actually sued the person at fault for carrying "negligent insurance" because they had some insurance depo BS that wouldn't pay any of my medical bills, or replace my car. They wanted to give me 1200 dollars on a two year old minivan that was totaled, all airbags deployed and the passenger side tire ripped off.

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    that sure looked like a lane to me

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    Steve, Just for clarity, does the Farmers adjuster work for your insurance company or the other party?
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    I never dreamed in a thousand years that anyone would ever say that this collision was anything more than 0% my fault. I would be outraged at taking .001% of the blame. So I did not call my insurance company until after the adjuster for Farmers Insurance (the other person's insurance) said that Farmers was going to assign 40% of the blame to me.

    I need to get to work to provide for my family, I need a rental car until my Trailblazer is replaced or repaired, so I reluctantly called my own insurance company yesterday afternoon to try to get this worked out between them.

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    Stick it to the Man Steve!
    Washington State
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    If you look at the original image, you can clearly see where the wear patterns exist (the dark lines) showing how traffic flows. At the point of impact, there is clearly evidence of tens of thousands of cars having driven in "lane 4" which is the lane that eventually turns east onto the I-20 service road.

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    Comparitive negligence sucks. Oklahoma is the same way. A close friend of mine is an adjuster for Farmers (she doesn't care for them either). She told me two very important things when involved in an accident. First, always stay at the scene and file a police report. Second, talk to your insurance company BEFORE giving a statement to theirs, regardless who you think is at fault. They will protect you, and them, from getting shafted unless it is a cheap insurance company. In which case, the cheaper insurance companies will usually roll over rather than fight the companies with deeper pockets. Also, she said the wording in your statement is critical in a comparitive negligence state. For example, if you are following someone, they slam on their brakes forcing you to slam on yours (you stop short of rear ending them) and then you get rear ended by a third vehicle behind you, what you give in your statement can put you partially at fault. If you say you simply came to a full stop and the car behind you rear ended you, it's likely they will be 100% at fault. If you say you "slammed" on your brakes and the car behind you rear ended you, they may deem you partially at fault for not allowing enough distance between you and the car in front of you to make a slow/easy stop. Either way, the best thing you could've done was contact your insurance company. They have lawyers to fight for you. If they don't, it's time to find a new company and I'm sure you won't be going to Farmers.

    Sorry, I didn't mean for that to be so long. Maybe it'll help someone.
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    Yeah, I understood what she was doing when I talked to the adjuster, I agreed to do it because I thought it was so open and shut. During her questioning, it became evident to me that she was trying to trap me into making statements admitting fault of some type. I'm confident that I did no such thing. I was very clear that the only acceptable outcome was 0% responsibility on me and 100% responsibility on the other driver.

    I've been hit by other people before and it was never as bad as it is with Farmers. They take the cake as far as I'm concerned with this whole thing.

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