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    It would be one thing if the police findings were in-conclusive but like you said it's pretty cut and dry and from the evidence and witness statements at the scene, the other driver was 100% at fault. The even got cited by the police to boot!
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    Looks like Washington State passed an Insurance Reform initative on the November ballot this month. WTG Washington State! Looke like Farmers Insurance was a major factor in getting this ball rolling.

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    According to a document on the Ref 67, a marketing initiative memo was leaked talking about how Farmers' goal is to hit a certain number of "Comparative Negligence" claims.

    That means, they don't take things on a case by case basis, but instead they are trying to hit a certain number in each category, regardless of how the facts fall out.

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    I filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance against Farmers Insurance becuase of this incident.

    My Complaint is (please describe):
    I was involved in a major traffic accident on 11/13/2007 at 7:30 AM. The accident was not my fault according to the Arlington Police Department. The other driver (***** *****) was cited by the Arlington PD for failure to yeild right-of-way to me as I drove northbound in a legal lane and as she pulled in front of me. I was not cited. The officer on the scene told me the accident was not my fault.

    That person's insurance (Farmers Insurance) performed a quick "investigation" by claims adjuster Michele ********, in which she came to declare 40% responsibility of the accident as my fault, claiming that the lane that I was driving in is not actually a lane. I find this assertion to be outrageous and I have even spoken with the driver of the vehicle who was surprised by this declaration.

    I have spoken with another person who told me they were in a car accident in the exact same spot under similar circumstances. Courtney ******* (***-***-****), who works at a retail store just in front of the accident scene, said she was in an accident around August 20, 2007 and her insurance company (Geico) came to the same conclusion of the Arlington PD that the lane in question is an actual turning lane that may be driven in.

    Moreover, the "investigation" by Farmers Insurance did NOT include the Arlington PD report, which I find to be an incredible suggestion that Ms. Corrieri doesn't deem it necessary for the Police Report to play a role in determining liability. Also, Ms. Corrieri did not interview any witnesses listed on the police report. She did however claim to drive to the scene of the accident and claims to have found a witness in the parking lot over 12 hours after the accident occured and is basing her investigation on statements from that "person", whom she did not provide me with information such as name or a telephone number.

    Moreover, during the taped phone conversation I had with Ms. Corrieri, it became apparent to me that she was trying to trap me into statements of culpibility and was asking leading questions about the accident, where even the question itself if answered yes or no would suggest culpibility. I find this conduct to be abhorent and dishonest.

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    I just heard from an insider that this case is classified "CONFIDENTIAL" at Farmers and they have pages and pages on it where usually they have 2 pages at the most on a case of this type. Very interesting!

    If anyone from Farmers is reading this ... please note that this entire website is a private forum intended for members only. Farmers Insurance employees, agents and associates are persona non grata and may not view, access, record or post anything on any part of this website. Anyone affiliated with Farmers Insurance may not be a member of this website and must notify me immediately if they are already a member.

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    Default Car Wreck - still going

    Hey everyone,

    A lot of people have been asking about the wreck and how things are going. (read the original thread here -->

    Basicly, it all boils down to a big headache. Most of this is due to the at-fault driver's insurance company (Farmers Insurance) declaring that I was 40% at fault for the accident. This goes against the offical police reports, witness statements and the state code of Texas, but they did it anyhow.

    I went to my insurance company, response insurance (and at this point, I think they're doing a good job) and they are going to bat for me. They are handling the claim, my Trailblazer has been visually inspected to have $5200+ worth of damage (they will repair it at that dollar amount), but I have a feeling like there is some frame damage so they will probably tear it down and total it once I get it into a shop.

    I was covered for $30/day rental car, so I'm driving a 2007 Nissan Altima and it's not a bad midsize car actually. Not as roomy as the TB, but that's ok.

    So now, I have to get the TB towed into a collision repair shop. I'll probably go with Vandergriff Chevy just becuase they're the closest Chevy dealership around me and they'll have a look. That will be later this week probably.

    As for me, thanks to everyone who asked. I'm not really "sore" anymore, but I've got a tightness and some pain in my upper back and neck. That stinks, I'll probably have to go in for some PT or something to get the kinks all worked out.

    We'll just keep on trucking along. I plan on posting a more detailed and single-post message in the near future discussing the accident and what people can do to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by an insurance company like I think Farmers Insurance took advantage of me.

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    Exclamation Fight with farmers! Still going on!

    This car accident is wearing me down.

    I had a conversation with my "adjuster" from farmers tonight. It started off well, she wanted to drive by and drop off some forms and "chat". No thanks, just drop them in the mail please and I'll look at them. After that, things got a little heated. Personally, I was offended. She said now she knows that I'm "that type of person", all becuase I'm upset about how this case started out, and I believe that I was wronged. <sigh> She's the one that started off trying to railroad me on day one with slanted questions. Oh well.

    First, she wanted to know why I filed a complaint with the Texas department of Insurance. Why didn't I try to talk to her supervisor?? -- (First off I did, but someone gave me the wrong name ... anyhow, early on she told me it was her decision alone to assign liability). Then, she said that I was trying to "threaten" her by discussing this case publicly! HARDLY.

    I'm just a guy who believe that she and Farmers Insurance acted improperly, and I like to stand up for my rights. So I filed a complaint against her with the Texas department of insurance. If she didn't do anything wrong, she's got nothing to worry about. However, truth be told, I'm actually a little worried becuase Farmers is a MEGA corporation that insures 1.2 million cars in Texas and I would be like a little bug if they came after me. I actually contacted the Texas ACLU tonight to see if they would protect me if my right to free speech were attacked.

    Now, about this site. All of this information exists on this site for enterainment only. It is not designed to be a legaly accurate and formed explaination of the facts for anything. We're just a bunch of guys BSing with each other. I'm a guy who likes to talk about Chevy trucks and that includes talking about real or imagined Chevy truck accidents. We're here to have fun and to share experience with each other!

    How bout a little good news: My insurance company is going to bat for me! Yeah! They're Response Insurance, and I'm not going to turn this into a big commercial for response or anything (they're not paying me a dime, but you can contact them at if you like!), but I've had nothing but fantastic experiences with them with multiple glass claims and now this accident. Anyhow, they talked with Farmers and this will probably go through arbitration with Farmers.

    Anyhow, I am mad as fire at Farmers. I disagree VERY strongly with the outcome of their little "investigation". I disagree VERY strongly with the way that they conducted this "investigation". They didn't even contact any witnesses or look at the police report!

    I'm just a guy looking to protect my family and my ability to go out into the world and earn a living to be a good provider for my wife, my son and the little one that's on the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    and the little one that's on the way.
    Hey congrats!

    That truck will be a wreck if you get it fixed. If they do, I would seriously consider flogging it after....


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    hope you get things settled soon

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    She wanted to know why you filed a complaint, I'm sure if she discussed it with the Texas Department of Insurance they'd be glad to explain it to her, and the fact that even questioning you about the complaint can be considered harrassment. Did you update the case at the TDI to include her statements? I would. But I'm the type person that goes after your throat when you piss me off.

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