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Could have been worse. the Tb could smell like what you probably yelled.
First you say it, then you do it.

The picture doesnt show that half a block north is a light with a freeway on/off ramp for I20, and major road construction at the Interstate for an addition to a mall located about a half mile north west of the Fryes. A very busy area right now that wont be getting any better.
Yea, thats me. Its not an addition to the mall, and actually, the Parks is quite pissed about it. So far we have stolen 6 of their top 10 performers(non-department stores). Yea, that whole area is a nightmare. Arlington needs to step up and make Matlock three lanes from Pioneer Parkway down to Sublett, or even into Mansfield.

Steve, did the bags deploy? If they did, its about 90% sure it will be totaled.