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Thanks Steve, meant to include 1500 in my question. In terms of how big of a camper, one that can sleep 2 adults and a child and my wife really wants a shower and Toilet. I'm taking it up fairly high in the Cascade mountains, elk hunting so it can't be too heavy. Thanks again .... Attachment 55765


WE are on our 4th truck camper, so have a bit of experience.

Depending on the model, these things can be very heavy, VERY heavy (our current truck camper- TC for short- is over 3500#)

Does your 1500 truck have a 5-1/2 or a 6-1/2 bed? That will be important. The 5-12' bed is going to severely limit any choices mostly due to center of gravity. Most TCs have C.o.G. indicated on one side or the other. This needs to be at or ahead of the rear axle, so you can see that a very short bed truck has a problem- handling becomes very bad when the CoG is too far back. Using the tailgate to extend the bed does not address this crucial factor.

One brand of TC that you might want to look at is Northstar http://northstarcampers.com/default.php, specifically the "Liberty" model. Nicely made, GREAT factory support (family owned company). You can even call them and tell them what you have and they will have suggestions- you will likely be talking to one of the owners.

Best of luck.

BTW, here are some pictures of our latest TC. We went to a TC with a "slideout" because Cathy adopted a 2nd dog and we needed the space.


This was taken In Acadia National Park, right at the edge of the ocean.


John & Cathy