I recently got a TruXedo TruXport roll-up tonneau cover for my truck (truck details in sig). I have been keeping it closed, or rolled out, all the time since I put it on my truck. I got to thinking the other day if that is the best thing to do, given it is a "soft" cover.

There are stray cats around my workplace, and I noticed cat footprints on my cover the other day. That got me worried maybe they would poke little holes in the cover with their claws, or weaken the cover by walking on it. Water also pools on it a little bit when it rains.

Would it be better for me to keep the cover rolled up most of the time and just unroll and close it when I have stuff in the bed, or do y'all think it is tough enough to handle the day-to-day stuff like weather and an occassional stray cat?