Hey everyone,

Ive been having a squeaking noise for a year or two now. It started off with only a few random squeaks on a cold morning start, then progressively got worse. It now will squeak on command at around 1000 +/- rpms and remain squeaking even when the engines hot. Its very high pitched and irritating. Its coming from the bottom left when looking at the engine. Its an '05, so it has the electric fans.

Heres what Ive checked so far:

Ive changed to Gatorback belts
The alternator is new. (only 1000 miles)
The serpentine tensioner is very tight
Ive tried turning the A/C off
The A/C tensioner wobbles a tad but I ran the truck without the A/C belt on and it didnt change a thing

Im stumped. Only thing I can think of is the crank pulley at this point. Maybe a sensor near the crank? My dad said try cleaning the pulleys off, but the sound only happens around 1000 rpms, Ill give it a shot, but Im not expecting any different results. Hopefully Ive narrowed it down for someone who has had this issue before.

Thanks for all the help!

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its the tensioner pulley bearing... found it