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    Default 2001 Chevy stalled out of no where

    This past weekend I was on my way back home from the grocery store when my truck suddenly turned off. Literally died on me. At first I checked out all the minor possibilities; fuel pump sound, direct gas into the block, checked the fuses to no avail. Once home my friend came over with his Innova scanner, but it didn't read anything. I come to ya'll before I go to a mechanic for some light. What might I expect? Have any of your Chevys experienced this as well? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Peace and Chevys.

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    Thanks for your response Caddiac. Yesterday my uncle checked out my truck. Well what we, mostly him lol, did was firstly clean my battery posts and replace the bolts as well. As they had a ton of build up on them. That didn't do the trick. So I went to get food and when I got back my truck was on lol. He said that the motor was "drowned," I don't know what the mechanical translation into english is. So he fixed it. I'll explain a bit better tomorrow, I'm super tired. To be continued...

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    By "drowned" he must have meant flooded which could be caused by 2 things. Either very weak spark or none, or by too high fuel pressure. What did he do to correct this? If he only got it running again, but didn't do anything to correct the original problem, then it will happen again.
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    I'm writing a small follow up... Well after what seemed like a repair my truck took another dump on me a couple of days after my uncle "fixed" it. i went to church and barely made it (a rough 20 miles) and the truck again stalled out and couldn't start back up. I have no clue how it started again and brought me back to home and rest in peace here. I got a hold of my uncle again and he came over to check it out again. I failed to previously state that he noted this yogurt like substance around the spout of the block where you put motor oil into it. I told him that I need to constantly add water to it. He concluded that water was getting into the block. Along with the yogurt substance there was quite a lot of condensation too. What he did: we replaced the distributor cap and the rotor, flushed the coolant pipe (sorry don't know the exact term), and added this solvent into the water tank to repair any cracks or breaks on the head gaskets, also took out the thermostat and he said the solvent would just cause the thermostat to stick. He said this wasn't a repair as more of a patch. What's your guys' opinion? How much more time you guys' think my baby has before she dies?

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    i had water get into my block on the cutlass i used to own, id say it lasted probably a week at most, are you looking at replacing the motor or getting a new truck?
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    I'm more inclined on selling it and getting a new one, but I need to make a more educated decision. It is a salvage title so I don't think it's "worth" replacing the motor.

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    what motor does it have in it?
    and if you do decide to sell it how much are you looking to get for it, a vehicle with out a motor you wont be able to get to much for it.

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    It has a 4.3L V6. I would like to get at least a couple of grand.

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