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    Default diff types...

    I have a 1994 K1500, 350 TBI, 5 speed. I lifted it and put 33's on it, now it needs gears. What diffs do I have front and rear? How can I tell?

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    Your vehicle VIN code contains your axle type and gear ratio information. Both front and rear ratios must match. Once you have a copy of the code there are VIN code readers on the internet to decipher the information. There should be a link here in older posts that might point you in the right direction for a vin code reader. If not try google.

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    If you are just looking for a stronger rearend some 88-98 Z71 extended cab trucks with the heavy duty towing package came with a semi-floating 14 bolt rearend. This axle will be a direct bolt in on your truck. This 14 bolt axle will also have 3.73 gears so you will have to swap the fronts to match. The factory G80 locking diff is not the strongest. It requires one wheel to be spinning faster then the other then it kicks in often with a jolt. There are alot of small parts inside that can and often do break. I destroyed one last summer in my Suburban pulling a trailer with two jet skis up a slippery boatramp.

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    if you want to up grade to a beefier rear end you need to find a 14 bolt full floater, it will bolt right up and if your willing to spend a little you can get a newer unit with disc brakes. BUT it will change your rear lug nut pattern to an 8 lug, not sure what you have now. It is possible to to find a later model semi floater and then you can retain your current 6 lug pattern if that is what you all ready have. Parts are easy to find both and upgrades are rampant for both the FF and SF 14 bolts. Its also stronger than the Dana 60 in every way.

    As far as the SAS, listen to Daredevil. If you are planning on hardcore off-roading than yes do it but if you just want a mall crawler than its not worth the time or money for you. Plus its not something you just bolt up, grinding the IFS off and welding up spring perches is not for the light at heart. Dont mean to offend but you will need some mechanical skills to DIY a job like that and a good shop will mortage your house to perform for you.

    But hey if you do the SAS there is a wealth of people willing to help on this forum, that know what and how to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pondfishr View Post
    With more research I found that my truck has the gu6 and g80 rear end. 3.42 gears. My towing performance is good but when towing up steep inclines at low speed it has had issues. I was towing a 5k lb machine on a 2k lb trailer. I realize this is probably asking a lot but something tells me a taller gear would help.
    You're really pushing that diff pulling that much weight. I do know that the 90's 1500's diffs weren't anything special, burned out bearings in mine pulling to much. I know my truck has a 3.73 in there, and I can tow just about anything, and get decent gas mileage, the question is weather or not the bearings can hold up.

    I'd just drop in a real Dana 60 rear axle differential and be done with it, the stock ones are kinda wimpy.
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