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    Default Input wanted - Engine Performance Upgrades and Headlight

    I have a few ideas I'm tossing around in my head about what upgrades/additions to make to my '03 Tahoe LES with the 5.3 Vortec.

    I have done some (though limited) searching about these ideas, but I am curious for some input before I get deeper into this so I know if I'm wasting time or, worse, doing more harm than good.

    First off I am very curious about a chip or program available that will make my engine become a 4 cylinder at certain times to increase my fuelefficiency. I have heard of this but am having trouble finding any more information on it. Has anyone done this before or have any input on this?

    My second desire is to make my hi-beams have all of my headlights on instead of just the standard hi-beam. Again I have heard this is possible but that is about all I know.

    I am curious as well as to what upgrades or aftermarket (MINOR) replacements and parts that you have in your trucks that you highly recommend to anyone, whether it be engine cleaner or certain headlights (I would love HID's but I am apprehensive of the costs and effort required vs the payoff... I think I would prefer my above improvement, but please tell me if that is a bad idea)

    I'm really looking for input and ideas... with headlights I am also about to either have mine wrapped with tint or buy the shaded assemblies when I paint my Hoe flat black.

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    As far as Performance Mods/Upgrades......there are really comes down to what you are looking and wanting to spend.......

    Re-guarding a Programmer that would make your V-8 a 4 far as I know there is not one that can do That.

    For Performance could look at doing the 3 Bolt-ons....Cold Air Intake....Headers Long Tube and a Cat Back Exhaust.....and then add a Tune either Handheld or Custom Tune...

    Again Depending on your Budget other Performance Mods to look at would be adding a Cam.... or adding Turbo...Super-Charger.....these are Big Ticket Item's....$$$

    On the Headlights.....there you could do what is Called.....4-Hi or 6-Hi Headlight Mod....there are a few Threads on the Site that go into Detail Re-Guarding this Mod.

    On Tinted/Shaded Headlights.....I would check your Local Laws before Spending any $$$$.....on doing this Mod.

    I would said.....went doing Upgrades/Performance Mods take your Time....Ask Questions and Shop Around for Pricing......


    5.3 l 3.73 l G80

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    Is the 6 or 4 beam hi's the mod to have the 4 or 6 bulbs all on at the same time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChadThornton View Post
    Is the 6 or 4 beam hi's the mod to have the 4 or 6 bulbs all on at the same time?
    What a 4-Hi and 6-Hi means is .......If you were to do the 4-Hi means that your Low beams and High beams would come on Together and Stay on......If you were to do do the 6-Hi means your Low beams....High beams and your Fog Light's would come on Together and Stay mentioned above there are a few threads on the Site that go into detail about doing these Mods.

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