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    Default 96 K1500 Suburban LS

    Alright, so winter is here, and KC hasn't had any real snow yet, but I'm sure it is around the corner. Last year my 4wd did not work at all do to a faulty shift actuator. Replace the shift actuator and it shifts into 4wd hi just fine. Wouldn't switch into 4wd lo so I replaced the switch on the dash (Murdog mentioned this was a common piece to go bad.) Unfortunately it still does nothing when I press the 4wd lo button. Any one got any suggestions on where to start diagnosing this problem before I need to go over the river and through the woods through the snow for Christmas?
    Chevy loving DeadHead
    1996 Chevy K1500 Suburban LS 5.7L 4X4

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    '96 Chevy 2500 rwd (cracked the block due to ingoring my bad rad. and adding too much water w/o enough coolant)
    '96 Pontiac Bonneville (trans died, as they often do on those...)
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    Loose wire or fuse maybe ?! , do u get 12 V to the low switch ?? ..and when pressed to u get power to the selinoid ??

    Thats where i would start !!

    1996 Suburban K3500 SLT DUALLY
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    Shouldn't be a fuse, the 4wd system all runs through the same fuse, hi and low. As far as a loose wire, I'm not sure which wires would be different between the 4 hi and 4 lo switch; the switch is all one part and brand new from LMC Truck (just got a job in the warehouse there a few months ago, yay discount), it just does nothing at all when I press the 4wd lo either from 4 hi or 2 hi... Can anyone tell me what is actually supposed to move/change when 4 lo engages so I can test that? Thanks for the replies.

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    There is got to be a seliniod that controls the shifting on the tranny for that !!!

    AND WHHHAAAAAAAT u work for LMC...GOOD TO KNOW !!!!!!

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    mmmm, I'm going to have to comb through the ol' Chilton's to see if I can find where that would be... and yes, I'm a lowly stocker at LMC, putting parts on the shelf all day while I finish college, real exciting job, i tell you what... it is nice to think about what I could do if all those parts were free :-D

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    Well, but u also could talk to maging personell there and get me set up with a business acc for my new business i will start in 2011 !!!! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAREDEVIL View Post
    There is got to be a seliniod that controls the shifting on the tranny for that
    There is one encoding motor on the transfer case that shifts all ranges.

    OP - you need the transmission to be in neutral before shifting into low range.
    When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses not zebras.

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    Well, the shift motor is the one that I didn't replace, I replaced the shift actuator on the front axle, so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a new motor... yay discount? At any rate, I NEVER try to shift out of 2wd unless I am in Park, so that wouldn't be the problem. Thanks for all the input. Guess I'm asking for truck parts again for Christmas!

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    Actually, mine only works from 4 H to 4 L in neutral..not in park !!!

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    Well, feeling a little red in the face... went out and jumped in the truck, engaged 4wd hi in park, switched it neutral and then push the 4 lo and, thud, there she went. Thanks for the help, I'm glad I didn't go out and buy a new shift motor over something stupid as and engineering querk. One would assume that park would work the same as neutral, but no matter, it works! Now all I have to do is check the diff. fluid on the front axle and I'm good to go for whatever KC's winter throws my way.

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