I just installed a newly rebuilt transfer case and actuator motor (actuator motor was used). Everything is buttoned up and ready to go, but we are getting a code thrown to us in the dash.

Service 4wd (This is what shows up in the dash)

When I turn the key the push button 4wd lights momentarily light up, but then shut off.

Now i have heard from others that we need to re-code the motor, in a sense wipe it clean? I have heard we need to push and hold 2 buttons, and then push down another button and that shifts it into neutral, and that should be it, but it is not working, or maybe we are doing it wrong?

do I need to connect a coder to the computer?
What is the correct process for the button pressing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2003 Silverado, 6.0L
New process Transfer Case, Model 246