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    $40 for an ignition module? Where do you shop? Napa gave me a quote for over $100! I definitely like the junkyard idea, the only problem is the nearest one is about 70 miles away. The ignition module does sound like something worth looking into. Thanks for the input, guys.

    1991 Suburban

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    O"Reilly Auto parts is where I got mine for 40. NAPA quoted me 48.

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    Okay, I just spoke to somebody at the local Napa who actually knew what he was talking about. American made was $86, and import was $42. Guess my next check, I will get the import. Thanks.

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    Okay, update. All of a sudden, my truck has decided to run perfectly. Starts great, and no rough idle. WTF?!?! Apparently I just need to wait 'til it decides to not run again to fix it. Thanks for all the help though...

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    One thing of note I have found w/ these engines.

    You almost have to go ACDelco or some GM part supplier.
    Anything else, will cause you issues......

    As finicky as this thing sounds, it sounds like maybe your wiring harness...
    I had to pull my wiring harness away from the engine block and hold it in place by tie wraps in order to get the alternator circuit to operate properly.....

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    I will definitely look into the wiring harness. That sounds like it could be about right...

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    OK...I'm having the same issue. First my fuel pump went out and I replaced it with the inline filter as well. Now my truck only starts sometimes without starting fluid. It also seems to be idling rough and I have to rev it to clear out the s%$# and then it will run fine. Ignition control module?

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    Check your fuel pressure folks. Make sure you have good pressure first and formost, especially if it seems to be fuel related. Could have a plugged filter, regulator hanging up, etc. Once you verify that you have good pressure, then you can start looking to the electrical side.
    1986 Chevy G20 Tow Rig - 5.7 TBI conversion
    1978 Mustang II King Cobra Road Racer - Holley 650, MSD 6AL, 5 speed, 10 point Roll Cage, 9" posi, fuel cell, custom interior.

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    It did it's "don't wanna start" thing yesterday (the first time in over a week!), and I did notice that I couldn't hear the fuel pump. I kinda have a feeling that the pump may be hanging up, but once it gets running, the pump works properly. The fact that it runs so well once started (starting fluid), I don't believe it's the fuel filter. Frustrating...

    Suburbeast, start cheap. I would look at your temperature sensor first. That kinda seems to be the problem with most of this era. If it isn't reading the temp right, it won't allow the TBI to compensate with extra fuel. $20, so I would think that would be worth a try...

    Good luck!
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    One other thing you can check is your fuel pump/sending unit ground.

    I changed the pump in mine, and I only tightened the ground down finger tight, so there was a lot of room for the ground to float.

    Kept having the truck just shut off on me at random times.....cruising down the road at 50 MPH.

    Was getting ready to replace the sending down on the ground and checked the wiring.....felt the bolt that grounded the sending unit and then I remembered I forgot to tighten him down when I re-hung the tank.
    I put it in place to keep the wire out of the way and was gonna go back and tighten him down once the tank was back in place. But I forgot.

    So if you know and have checked all other things, then check the simple things.

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