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Thread: weird issue

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    Default weird issue

    Has anyone ever experienced your truck just shutting off when you are backing up with the wheel turned? It also did it when I hit a bump. It always cranks back up but it is happening more often over the past few days.

    Could it be electrical?
    ignition switch?

    Ive not had to work on this truck and am kinda at a loss, its my only form of transportation and need to try to fix it myself thanks to job issues.

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    Sounds like a fuel pump. The wiring was notoriously poor, as well as the pump.


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    The fact that it is directional and occurred when hitting a bump definately sounds like a bad or loose connection somewhere, or a wire that has rubbed through the insulation and shorting out. With electronic fuel injection it could be fuel or ignition as either will stop the vehicle instantly. Back in the dark days when I did this professionally I had a bunch of two wire dash light sockets with long wires and alligator clips on them and would connect them to various systems and drive the vehicle to see which bulb would go out. Electrical diagnosos can be a nightmare but I found that a little diagnosis was generally cheaper than throwing parts at it. As murdog stated the fuel pump wiring is questionable at best and probably deserves a good look, as it is in a location that gets dirty and wet depending on the weather conditions you drive in. Therefore it would be a good starting point. Check, clean and tighten all the connections and hopefully you will have found the problem, if not It can be a frustrating "search and destroy mission" finding bad electrical connections or shorts. Best of luck to you, the grump

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