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    Default Running new trucks on BioDiesel

    Being a VP at the company i work for means i am the manager of the fleet. we are replacing 6 of our 1994 GMC 2500 Regular Cab Diesel trucks with new 2011 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 6.6L Extended Cab LT trucks, and since the company i work for is promoting green fleet vehicles, we ran our old 6.5 mechanical diesels on 100% Bio-Diesel. we converted them using a kit to run pretty much anything with oil. used grease from the fryers and McD's (the smell of delicious fries as you drive along), vegetable oil, used peanut oil from 5 guys burger and fries, and one of our employee's parents harvest canola, so we pay him $45 a month to give us basic, crude canola oil.

    the problem with the new diesels is they are controlled completely by computers, and i don't think we could run the trucks on grease from McD's or basic canola oil from a farmer. i would love to be able to do this but it could mess up the engine. is there a kit or a mod that we could use to run BioDiesel and Diesel when we need to in the trucks, not just a conversion?

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    I know that the new 2011 6.6 L Turbo Diesel can run on B20 from the factory. With a new engine, don't think there are kits available yet to run B100. If you have a holding tank for the biodiesel and another for petro-diesel you can meter mix it to B20 (though woudl require install of new meter pumps etc.)

    I would just run B20, give manufacturers to tweak the new engine. In a few years I'm sure they will have kits to run B100. Possibly a fuel filter change and a diesel programmer might be the solution. Only time will tell. hope this helps !

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