Here it goes. I have an 05 silverado 5.3L.. On friday when I got home my engine light came on. I put my reader on it and it said cylinder misfire on #1 cylinder. I pulled the plug and it looked really worn. (108,000 miles and I bought it used so i think they were the orig. plugs) So off to the store I went, got new ac delco plugs and wires too.. Replaced them today and now it idles rough. Runs fine when driving, just idles rough. If i let it idle for a min or two the engine light comes on, with the code of engine running lean Bank 1 (drivers side) If i clear the code and drive it the light does not come on, only when i let it idle. I have checked the MAF sensor and it looks very clean (and I use paper air filter). I cannot locate a vaccum leak either. The only other thing I can think of is my bank 1 o2 sensor, or maybe an injector. I do not think its a fuel pump or pressure problem cuz it runs great when not at an idle.......ANY SUGGESTIONS??????? Hate to take it to shop to get raped, but I think thats whats gonna happen