Hi all.
I just rebuilt my 5.7 vortec engine in a 1996 chevy suburban 1500 4x4. Had the block all worked over by a machine shop. Had them redo the heads (valve job etc) and redid the rings etc. New oil pump everything pretty much new. This has a new upper & lower intake and new injectors as well.

Problem: After first start up the suburban runs fine. Drive for 15 minutes or so and it acts like a plug wire is missing and tries to shake itself apart.

What I have done: I took it to oreillys and borrowed their code reader. It said that cylinder 8 was misfiring. I took it home and checked compression in all cylinders. All are ok. I then took off the valve cover and readjusted the valve for cylinder 8. I put it all back together and had the same problem again. This time cylinder #3.

I will be taking off the drivers side valve cover and checking valves on #3 and will retest.

My Questions: 1. Can anyone think of a code or reset procedure or anything like it that I would need to do after rebuilding this engine? Someone was telling me that the throttle needed to be relearned and that I had to turn the engine on twice while putting my finger in my ear to make that happen
2. I cant seem to get a straight answer on how to adjust the valves on this. What I have been doing is starting the engine, loosening the valve until it starts clacking. Then I tighten it until it just barely stops clacking. Then I take it 1/2 (one half) turn further. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.