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    Default My stereo is not shutting off

    04 Silverado

    Normal operation is after you shut the key off the radio will continue to run for 10 minutes or until the door is opened. Well its not shutting off at all. The only way i can get it to go off is manually turn if off, remove the face plate, or pull the radio fuse in the fuse box. It is an aftermarket head unit but it has been installed for over 2-3 years. Has anyone else had an issue like this? Any idea what could be causing the problem? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey OneWheel,

    Its really odd for that to start acting up after such a long time but stranger things have happened. I have a great passion for car audio and will try to help if I can. Just a couple of questions for you: Did you install the Head Unit yourself? Was the correct wiring harness used? (the really expensive one to keep your chimes) Is there an aftermarket amplifier connected to your stereo? (for subs or speakers)

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    Friggin Noodles,

    No I personally didn't do the install i had best buy do it and they used another harness that made my chimes work again. Im assuming it was an aftermarket style because i still had my chimes but, the tones of them did change. So it no longer uses the factory tones for chimes. Also I just realized last night the chimes dont come on if i were to open the door with the key in the ignition or if I leave the headlights on w/o the key on. And no there are no other upgraded stereo equipment (subs,speakers,etc)

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    Try to check the the button that near to hinges that turn the light on and off when u open the door maybe its Stuck
    ashes to ashes dust to dust:slap:

    chevy tahoe 08 LT with sunroof
    cd changer leather seat ,20"wheels
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    First off my truck doesnt have the pin switch you are refering to...There is a switch attached to the door latch that accomplishes the same thing. BUT the dome light still comes on when either door is open so im pretty sure that is not the issue anyways. Thanks for the tip tho

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    Might be a loose wire or the adapter might be going out. I would take it to Best Buy, most techs there will at least take it apart and see what is going on. If it is an easy fix they will usually do it for free if they have the time.

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    then try to reset the ecu

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    As in unplug the battery for "x" amount of time? I tried that last night for about 20min and made no difference. Unless there is another way to reset it that I'm in aware of?

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    ITS A PARTY TRUCK, let it have some music bro !!! LOL

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    Ok So the good news is I fixed the freaking radio today....After tracing down all the wire and connections I could think of I decided to bite the bullet and replace the "chimes" module. Well I'll be damned it worked just fine. So I guess for some reason the one I had already took a crap. And for the record. I had best buy install the first one. After looking over the install paper i decided to do this one myself. Man am I glad I did. they did a piss poor job on the install. Bundled up wire just taped up. All knotted and twisted and all sorts of JAMMED in the dash opening. Well needless to say its got a bit of a professional touch now...Thanks best buy....I did a better job myself

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