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Thread: New Guy

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    welcome to the club
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    Welcome aboard. Let's see some pics, especially after the CAI is installed.

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    Have you gotten that new CAI installed yet? Make sure you let us know how you like it. Pics are always good too!

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    Hi, and welcome to the site!
    Eddie , 2000 Chevy Tahoe Z71 (old style)

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    I got the new Injen cai and installed it. Not happy with it. The air box is smaller than the factory one and doesn't fit right. It doesnt line up with the hole in the engine compartment to pull outside air in, so it is just pulling in hot air from the engine. The metal air tube rests on one of the metal radiator lines which seemed like it could cause problems later from rubbing. It was also missing a hose it was supposed to come with. I had to go to parts store to buy a $6 hose. The worst part is that you have to take the whole thing apart and remove the whole air box to get to the filter for service. I did notice a boost in acceleration and it made my flowmaster exhaust sound better. Without the cai, my exhaust sounded bogged down like some sort of back pressure issue. Im no mechanic so I could be talking out my ass, but it sounded like it was breathing better with the cai on. Gas mileage dropped a little, but I wont blame the cai for that. I was gunning it a little because it sounds cool. In summary, my opinion is that for $365 it should fit a lot better and some engineer should have planned a little better for servicing the filter. I have the factory air intake back on and I'm waiting for my new volant cai. They are letting me return the Injen and trading me straight across for the volant. I thought $365 was a good deal for the volant with powercore filter. I just hope it fits better. I did snap a few pics of the Injen installed in case anyone is interested, but I wouldn't recommend it. As soon as I get the volant Ill update and try to post the pics of the Injen.

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    Well, I'm sorry to hear that the first CAI didn't work too well but I'm glad you posted your experience so that other users will know when it comes time to look for a CAI. I think you'll definitely like the Volant (I've yet to hear any complaints) and it's nice that the company you ordered the first one from made a simple exchange for you. I hope everything works better this time.

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    sorry for the delayed post. I've been busy. I put the new Volant in. WOW what a differance. Fits way better. The Airbox is huge, and so is the filter. I went with the dry powercore filter. The volant has solutions to all the problems the Injen had. The only minor problem I had with install was I had to trim the adapter that connects the tube to the airbox. It was in the way of the mass airflow sensor. Easy fix though with a sharp knife. Just trimmed small section. I also has to use a dremmel to trim the engin cover too, but you cant tell its been trimmed. still working on posting pics. Ill try and get them up soon. Lift is next. Im going to start a new thread for that. Thanks for all the input.

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