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    Default Whine through speakers. Need help troubleshooting please......

    Hey guys. Could use a little help, tried searching but didn't see any other posts about this but I may have missed something. Anyway....2005 Suburban LT w/stock Bose system.

    I get a whine through my speaker when the truck is running. Coincides with the RPM's. Only through the frt passenger door speaker as far as I can tell, but the tweeter in the A pillar on that side is missing. It only does it when the stereo is on, but the sound is constant and doesn't really increase in volume when the stereo is turned up louder. So the stereo will drown out the whine, but if the volume is down all the way the whine is still loud enough to be annoying.

    Also, if stereo is off. The whine will come through while the chime ( like fasten seatbelt, etc) is sounding. Any suggestions on where this is coming from and how to get rid of it are appreciated.

    Would like to disconnect that speaker and see if I get it through any others. Can I easily access that door speaker and if so how? Does the grill pop off or do I have to loosen the entire door panel?

    thanks, tom.

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    It is more then likely engine noise. Probably a bad ground somewhere in the system that is causing noise from the engine to go through the electrical wiring. Getting aftermarket speakers with inline filters might get rid of the issue but finding the exact cause would take some time.

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    Start at your battery and follow the lines. Insulation or a loose connections is the culprit most likely, especially if you have an untouched stock stereo. Also, does it do it during all stereo functions or just cd or just radio? If its just on the radio the you are gonna have to pull the stereo and follow the antannea wire as that is most liekly shot, loose or exposed. Either way you have engine frequency bleed over.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. It is definately engine noise. Fluctuates in relation to RPM's and don't have it with engine off. It is there with all functions, radio as well as CD, and the seatbelt chime, etc.

    Don't see issues around the battery, pulled the kick panel and looked there but no luck. I need a diagram to see what wires are for that frt door spkr and how to access that. Want to disconnect that next and see if it goes away. Can I access that speaker by removing the grill or do I need to go behind the door panel?

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    I have the exact same problem with the exact same symptoms. It drives me nuts. Its probably engine noise somewhere.
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    Check the ground from the alternator to the body of the may be loose.

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    Connections at alt are tight and the ground to the trk body is tight at the body. Couldn't get to the other side of it but I will check that next.

    Last night while I was driving I was playing with the dimmer switch and I get noise through that speaker when I adjust brightness as well. I am going to disconnect/isolate that speaker next and see what that does.

    03HeavyHalf - Is yours only throught the passenger door speaker as well? Do you have the Bose system?

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    Sounds like there may be an issue with the bose amp. it sits under the console storage. there may have been something spilled or the amp may just be going out. you can inspect it by pulling the bucket out of the console just remove all the screws around the rim and a few on the base, i dont remember if the console lid needs to be detached but it does make it easier.
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    Ik you can get fly back voltage in the sound system and any other electrical sound component from the alternator for the sound system some inline filters (capacitors) should fix that as for the other components im not sure how to go about fixing them.

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    Yup. its in the same speaker but i do not have the bose system.

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