+-Make sure you check the seal surface for build up or rough surfaces. Mine leaked to the first time I replaced the seal. I Used some 1500 wet sandpaper to smooth out and make a clean surface for the seal to ride on.. If your seals are still leaking after seal replacement, you may have a bad inner bearing. Check and replace as necessary.

- - - Updated - - -

Instead of buying this special socket to set the preload, I marked the slot that the keyway went in before I removed it with a sharpie pen. I then removed the keeper and keyway and used a screw driver and small hammer to loosen the nut. I took it off and completed the seal replacement, I then reinstalled the nut and lined it up with the line of the slot with the screwdriver and tapped it in place. This put it exactly where it was before I took it apart. If you replace the bearings, then you might consider retorking the nut with the socket to seat the bearing on the race.