I just recalled an event that happened a few years ago. Thought I would share it with everyone.

We went camping, this was back up in Washington state. Boy's weekend of camping, 4-wheeling, storytelling around the campfire and I think that a beer or two may have been consumed.

We went on a trail ride up a forest logging road. I think I just had a 2wd pickup at that time (my '62 GMC) so I rode with my friend Marc, who had a very nice '78 Blazer with a built 350 4-bolt, nice paint 33" tires and about a 4" suspension lift.

Did I mention that it had been raining? It was the northwest after all.

Marc and I were in the front of the group, talking on CBs with the other. One of the guys with a late 70's Jeep CJ7 got stuck in one of the ruts that Marc's 33" swamper left. Ok, we tried to backup, but was was too far for him to drive in reverse, so we knew of a turn-around place about 1/4 mile up, so we drove up that far.

Turns out 1/2 the road was washed out. He tried to turn around but just started sliding down the hill with the mud. He hit the brakes and we stopped, I got out to see what I could do. Fortunately, there were some trees that kept the thing front flipping over, and the bumper slid slowly into a tree. No harm, no foul.

I'm looking at how we're going to get out. We're stuck, the rest of our group was stuck. I suggested we just try to wait it out, he said he could get out with full throttle.

That's when he gunned it, turned the wheel thinking he could climb. Sorry, not happening. He drove sideways up the hill to get back on the trail. The only problem is he used one side of his blazer like a bumper against the trees. He caved in everything from his mirror to his front door to his quarter panel.

Yes, he did get out. Much to the destruction of his truck though. We rolled back down the hill and no one could believe what just happened. A cherry came back down with some war wounds!

Anyhow, patience pays off ... oh yeah and so does a winch sometimes too.