I have a 98 silverado 1500 with a 5.7. The other day, the truck wouldn't start, found I didn't have no spark. Replaced the ignition module and all was fine till yesterday. The truck will crank over and as soon as I let the key go, it will chug over 2 or 3 times then quits. pulled several plugs to check for spark. I have spark, but all the plugs are dry, even from all the cranking. I have 55 psi at the schrader fitting on the fuel line behind the air box.Left it set over night with the fuel pressure gauge hooked up. Started back on the truck this evening, the gauge was still showing pressure. Checked every plug wire with the plug installed in the boots. I have spark at all cylinders, but no fuel is coming from the injectors. Is there a way to check the injector module or could there be something else causing none of the injectors to spray any fuel? I've checked all the fuses,don't know where to go next. I appreciate any help. I'm too broke to pay anyone fix it, so I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.