I would absolutely buy a Diesel.
If they offered A TDI model engine in the HHR my wife would be driving one today instead of her gas HHR.
As far as trucks go one reason I havent pushed as hard to buy a new truck is I'm still waiting and hoping GM puts a Diesel in the 1/2 ton truck line-up.
While I was stationed overseas almost all we drove were Diesel vehicles, some of them were just as snappy comming off the line as their American gas counterparts and they returned terrific fuel mileage rates.
And no they arent all smelly and noisey, the smelly noisey Diesel is a thing of the past. Anyone that still has that idea about Diesels hasnt been paying much attention to some of the smaller cars sold in the U.S. today, theres probably 10 models from different manufacturers being sold in the U.S. that are Diesel and most people dont even know their a Diesel when they drive past. Take a look at VolksWagons line-up some day, I think their one of the largest sellers of small Diesel Sedans in America.