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    What you are saying makes sense, but the question is how do I tweak them. I have also thought about getting a new 6.6 2500 and being done with gas. I have not driven the Diesel, so I wonder how happy I would be with that.

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    The 6.6 Diesel is a pretty good package, if your doing lots of towing or hauling loads its a great way to go. I've driven it in a 3500 towing a Goose neck with 2 cars, did very good.
    Maybe not the fastest off the line but it has some low end grunt that'll pull a load wherever you need to go.
    The big gas engine likes to drink fuel, it does have good low end but unfortunately it's very easy to get it out of it's powerband by something as simple as a slight tire size change.
    For tweaking on the gas engine if your running the K&N drop in I'd recommend putting your stock filter back in see what that does.
    Unfortunately exhaust tweaking would mean changing out the muffler, you could try putting a resonator on the end of the exhaust but that would get rid of the nice sound you got by going to the new exhaust.

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    Well, the 6.5's we use are millitary engines and are upgraded from the stock blocks...i think after 99 Gm used the same tho in the 6.5's since previous they had some issues.
    They have a bigger turbo, marine injectors and mechanical injection pump so you can turn up boost to MAX..which is at a safe level about 4-5 pounds more then stock with the bigger turbo and intercooler. The ones we use have more power and tourge then a 6.6 and non of that electronic BS that only gives you trouble.
    Fuel wise they get about 2-3 X more MPG then a gasser !! and with some more mods you can even run veggie oil or used frying oil !
    They are high RPM engines and last LOOOOONG if maintained with regular stuff like filter and such.
    THEY ARE JUST BAD ASS, and you will like it better powerwise then a 5.3 or any other gasser. A 454 ( 7.4 ) can not keep up at the light on the HWY they can't either because each gas station u pass they need to stop ! lol
    MPH wise, depends on your gearing and tire diameter..i say 4:10 is the best over all ratio for a diesel and it will run 85-95 at max RPM.
    In your case with the 3:42 would be faster and still pull WAY better while saving fuel then your gasser !!!
    Oh, and believe me when i say you can pull a house down !!!!!!!

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