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    Exclamation HELP!...truck keeps dying

    Hey guys my 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 keeps dying after a few mins of running.It just started doing it last night in front of my house.The truck has 120k on it and i got the truck alittle over 2 years ago and this is the first issue ive had with it.Anyway,when i start the truck and let it idle for a min it will kinda cut out then come back and stay running for a min a 2 then it will die.But if i try starting it after it dies it will just crank over and no fire.It will do that until i let the truck sit for alittle bit and then it will fire then die again.Alternator gauge stays around 14 and the battery is still good(new in '08).No code is being thrown or pending(checked with my scanner).I turned the key on and had my bro listen to the fuel pump and heard nothing! thinking fuel pump??btw i changed the fuel filter 5-6k you guys have any ideas.Thanks Nick

    ooo and theres over a quater tank of gas in it!
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    Ok does the truck still die if you give it gas? Sounds like a sensor failing by breaking contacts. You can try cleaning your IAC which will help with your idle and should be done once a yr. Check the simple things like vacuum leaks and loose connections. Check the fuel pressure regulator as it maybe failing and not letting enough fuel in. You should hear the fuel pump energize when you first turn on the ignition. Not sure if these newer vehicles will cycle every time as they may sense the line already has pressure in it. Have you confirmed there is no spark? Or are you saying that because it won't start? Start there and give us an update

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    Hey Mag just an FYI for the future in 2003 GM went to the drive by wire system which doesnt use an IAC. Howver cleaning the entire throttle body is very common and needed about once a year or so with the 5.3L motors thanks to carbon build up.
    I would actually start with the Fuel pressure relay since it may be getting overheated. Also the fuel pumps even in the newer trucks GM used to small of wiring and it was commong for them to go out as well. And letting it cool down and then it will start also could be the crank position sensor. Just trying to list anything that it could be so you can take a closer look atthem.


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    If you have never changed the fuel filter than I would start there because the preveious owner may have never done it. Then as murdog94 said clean the throttlebody. Even if this isn't the issue these still should be done on a regular bases.

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    I knew they changed to drive by wire but didn't know when or with what vehicles. Thanks for the update. I was thinking crank sensor too but that should throw a code in most cases. He said the fuel filter was changed 5-6k ago. Now we just need an update to guide him better.

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    check fuel pressure, if good fuel pressure check spark, if your crank sensor/etc is down you shouldn't have spark. Ran into a bad crank sensor on an eclipse that would cause random dieing and no or sometimes restart, after it was hot. Don't remember if it was throwing a crank sensor code though.
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    well guys, my truck has the 4.8L V8 in it and i changed the fuel filter 5-6k ago.I went out to the garage tonight and now the truck wont start at all.It fired but never really started.I tryed starting the truck 8-10 times and it never started.When i turn the key on, i hear a werid clunk/click noise in the front of the motor,that ive never heard before.My water pump is taking a dump too,it used to make a small puddle after i shut it off when the motor is warm but i checked tonight and there is a way bigger puddle then ive had before.Its weird that i have a huge puddle now after this issue.The truck still died the other night when i gave it gas.I have every hose/sensor hooked up also,that i could see.I saw my battery ground was loose so i tightened it tonight and still got nothing.Last night when i ran the truck for the min or 2 it ran,the alternator gauge was moving from 13-16,which i thought was weird.Maybe that was due to the cable being kinda loose,but im sure it was loose for alittle while and i never saw the gauge do that before.I still dont here any noise from the fuel pump but idk if ur supposed too??

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    Have you checked your fuel pressure?

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    No i haven't... I have the $200 Actron scanner and im not sure what to look for when looking for the fuel pressure on the scanner.
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    You have to use a fuel pressure gauge on the schrader valve located on the fuel rail on the passenger side of engine. Fuel pressure should be about 60lbs. I think AutoZone lends out f/p gauges.

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