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    Default Adding 12v device to a 2007 Suburban

    Looking for a safe way to a 12v devices to the inside of my 07 suburban without runing wirires out thru a hole in the firewall. Anyone know of an adapter or way to safely tape into the power distro bluk under the dash on the driver side?

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    what 12V devices did you have in mind?

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    Plug into the cigarette lighter if it is a small draw devise. Most of the newer vehicles even have an extra one they have just for this purpose.

    If it is a large draw item you may need to run a wire form the battery, but most 12v devises are low dray.

    As asked above, what are you trying to power?

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    yea if its low draw, and you dont want to have the plug showing, then just pull out your cigarette lighter and splice them right there. Some vehicles also have a power drop from factory and youll have a positive, negative, and ignition wire and its fused in the fuse box as well. Ive only seen it in one car, Chevy Luminas 97 98 99

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    If you have a larger draw device, it really is not a big deal to run a power cable through the firewall. There are several grommets/penetrations already in place that can be used...

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    For low amp rated items you can buy fuses with a spade on one end that replace existing fuses. They plug into the fuse box where you'll remove the old one from.
    Beware even though your using more power you want to replace the fuse with one the same size.
    Also when tapping off of an existing accessory (whether at the fuse or the accessory) make sure you dont pull power from something that runs all the time.
    If you need for more power than this method will provide you should draw power from under the hood. There are spare grommets in the firewall to provide additional wiring.
    Also if your power requirements are larger you may think about using a solenoid switched system for power.

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    if you cant find the holes in the firewall, an easy fix for getting juice at the battery is runing a cable through the door, up the fender, and to the battery.

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