I have the printer working on a new batch of vinal window stickers / decals. I will get a single batch made and they will be sold for the following prices on here in the next two weeks.

I am expecting certain numbers of each to be sold, please sound-off if you want one in particular. I'll get photos up and will edit this post when I get the proofs later this week.

Medium - $8.99 - Two 5-inch stickers
Large - $9.99 - One 8-inch sticker
X-Large - $14.99 - One 12-inch sticker

EDIT: Update with photos (3/30/2011)
Here are what they look like and their size as well. I am ONLY producing White for right now. I will order them this week for delivery to me next week. I already have pre-orders it looks like of about 100 total so I will order a couple hundred, but HURRY they will sell out quickly just like last time.