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    Default New Ford commercial --oops?

    I am watching the NAscar race on TV right now, one of the opening commercials was for the Ford pickups. Don't know if I'd put my kids in the back seat of one of those! It starts out with the Dirty Jobs guy standing in front of the truck with a guy in a lab coat.

    Dirty Jobs guy : Did the ford F-150 get a five star crash rating?

    Guy in Lab coat: Yep, five stars for both the driver and the front seat passenger.

    Dirty Jobs Guy: How about the other guys?

    Guy in Lab coat, looking down and shaking his head: Uh, some of the others didn't do as well!

    Was "Other guys" was supposed to mean other manufacturers? It comes off to me like he's talking about the guys in the back seat! Maybe selling Fords is a 'Dirty Job'.
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    haha ive seen that commercial plenty of times and ive never thought of it like that, and you know what, your probbly right. Companys scam ppl like this everyday, like Mcdonalds, "Made with 100% Beef" well little do people know that "100% beef" is refering to the company they buy there "meat" from not an actual 100% of beef in your burger. Disgusting imo.

    .....Whos up from a big mac?? LOL
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    Default It could get even worse...

    I've finally gone back to school, after many many years in print/marketing/advertising. I was contacted through Phi Beta Kappa (national honor society - there's no geriatric sorority!) about the new "Quad Squad" - an MTV marketing competition for college students. This year the sponsoring company is...

    you guessed it! Ford.

    They have just kicked off a special rebate program for students and I am sure that was the intro for the competition/MTV reality program. If you are not familiar with it, here's how it works:
    Last year the sponsor wanted to promote Snickers Bars. College students competed for the right to establish the next ad campaign. Those winners took their promotion and ran with it, and MTV filmed the process. I've never seen the show, nor even heard of it until I was invited to compete.

    Here's the scary part for all of you consumers. There is serious scholarshp $$$ out there for the winning team. And my son is a film major who has already won several awards for writing/directing. So if we can get past the fact that he is in the process of transferring to a different school than the one I attend - we are entering as a team.

    And if you knew me, you would be afraid, you would be very afraid!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumpamuro View Post

    .....Whos up from a big mac?? LOL
    Pepto anybody, Burp!


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