Hey guys,

I posted in the new members section a couple weeks ago. Well I got a truck, 07 silverado ltz extended cab 4x4. I have the 5.3L and 4-speed auto. Well I noticed the other day a drop of ATF dripping from the bell housing area. I had them look at it today when I brought it in for state inspection. They said they couldnt find where the leak was coming from, so im bringing it in next week for further inspection/fix. They said it should be covered by the powertrain warranty. Any one else have transmission leaks like this? I mean the truck only has 30,000 miles on it. I also noticed in the owners manual it says to do a hot ATF level check with the transmission between 160 and 190 degrees F, but I havnt seen the display on the DIC go over 110 degrees F.