Mobil is having a special refund for buying their oil and filters at certin locations. A local Federated Auto store has it. $15 back on 5 quarts and a filter. I run syn. 7k miles. I'm a forklift road mechanic and drive a Ford van, free gas. I take it home every night. We run syn. in everything we can. If it costs a few more $ for the syn its worth it in the long run. Engine wear is cut down big time with syn. as opposed to conv. oil. Little increase in mpg and power too. A good selling point if you ever sell the vehicle. Over all I think its way better. Napa filters I'm told are made by Wix. Thumbs up. Hastings and AC filters are good too. I have an acc. through work so I just call the parts guys and they get me what ever I want at cost, put it on my acc. and its taken out of my paycheck