I have got a 99 GMC Sub K1500 that my wife drives mostly. The other day the Security light on the dash comes on solid and stays on. I am driving down the road alittle nervous that maybe the engine shuts down, or when I get to my cross town destination the Big Truck won't restart. Neither. Get back to the truck after the stop and she fires right back up and returns home without the Security light coming back on. I ask my wife about it and find that this occurs from time to time but since it did not interrupt her or the kids schedule it wasn't a big deal worth mention.

The Question is why does the light come on and when will it become a big deal. I have looked in the Haines manuals at possible loose connections. Found none. The truck had a bulldog pos starter that I have removed and I have of course rechecked all of the wiring from that. Nothing loose or broke.

Need a better direction.
Thanks in advance for time.