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First off, Glad to hear your relatively ok !
Truly a close call !

Second, a great reminder of how something so mundain as a flat tire can turn "Life or Death" in a split second !

Third, I feel this story is not something we should keep to ourselves. With your permission I would like to repost/link to this in other forums where I am a member. I would also urge others here to do the same if the OP gives permission.

Fourth, A great reminder that everyone should do a "practice" tire change on each of their vehicles at home in their driveway. Become familiar with the tools, procedures and precautions in relative safety and comfort.

Last, a couple of tips.......
Have ALL passengers exit the vehicle before jacking (Shifting wieght).
When towing, consider the effects of the towed vehicle/trailer when jacking.

Any one have any other tips to add ?
Good call! One thing to add is to check condition of your spare from time to time. Pressure and dry rot or other damage.