I've had Allstate for the past 4 years with various vehicles.. but lately, I've been getting a bad feeling about them and am looking to switch.
(I've never had to use my insurance at all.. never had any problems, never had any accidents or tickets.. Yet, my rates never seem to get any lower, only go up a couple bucks every 6 months.
And, the one time that I was going to use them, they gave me a hard time.. basically, someone backed into my truck and messed up my bumper. They didn't leave any information, and I had no clue who did it. I have always had uninsured motorist, and recently my truck was backed into in a parking lot. The other driver didn't leave their information, they just took off.. and when I singed up with Allstate, they said stuff like this would be covered without a deductible or me having to pay anything.. Well, that wasn't true. They were trying to get my $500 out of me because the claims adjuster said it wasn't covered by uninsured motorist.. My truck was rear-ended a couple days later, so I got a new bumper from the other person's insurance.. lol.)

The only other company that could get me a rate that was close to Allstate was Liberty Mutual. They are giving me an 1-year quote that's $5 more than what Allstate would charge me in a year.. But, I don't know much about them or what they're like..