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@jimmeh i noticed you have the brute force AEM intake with a k&N cone filter. whats up with that? Is the AEM filter no good?
I have no idea. I bought the intake off a friend of mine who had the K&N filter on it when I bought it. The intake itself is a waste of money, but I only paid about $50 for the whole setup. I actually put my stock airbox back in and am just running the intake tube off of it. I'll probably end up getting another filter later on, but right now I'm not too worried about the power of the truck, lol.

I should also add that I have a tune on my truck for the CAI, but it still hasn't gotten me much for numbers on the dyno at my friends house. I think I'll be happier with just a programmer with a power tune then the setup I have now.

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I am actually looking at getting the SS front bumper. Theres a company out here in colorado that sells them brand new ready for paint for $76 and getting it painted once i get the truck painted. i love the storm trooper look. I also got some blue for a little bit of accent lighting and the bow ties are going a nice blue as well.
What's the companies name?