Hey guys!!!

Next weekend I am going to be insalling a 1.5" body lift on my 07 NBS Silverado. I was considering doing a write-up on the installation. I also was considering making a video of the insall. Would anybody want to see that? Would anybody rather have a write-up or a video?

I have done a lot of searching to see how people have handled moving the brush guard up with the 1.5" kit but I havent found anything out on the web, so I thought it might be helpful to show how to do that. Also include before and after shots in the video. This will be my first write-up/video so any suggestion of what you guys would be looking for would be helpful.

Oh yea, I can't wait to show off all my mods I havent shown you guys yet. Ive added tow mirrors, ranch hand brush guard and grey fender flares that match the two tone and the rims!!!

Again let me know what you think about a write-up. I'm really excited to do it!1