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    Quote Originally Posted by asu4cjustice View Post
    I was at my HS as a Senior when the towers were attacked. Now I am deployed to OEF Afghanistan when justice is being served everyday.

    "Dont Tread on Me"

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    sounds like we will be getting back stateside around the same time... be safe brother keep your head down.

    Quote Originally Posted by jbjohnson92f View Post
    i was 19 years old on sept 11 and on my way to work as a parts counterman at a dealership. now im here in afghanistan on my 11th month, counting the days til i go back home, and waiting for something big to pop off now
    Quote Originally Posted by tbplus10 View Post
    On 9/1/2001 I was a newly promoted U.S. Navy Warrant Officer (CWO2) Crew Chief deployed to Batman forward airbase Turkey transporting troops between Germany and Turkey for operation "No Fly". The night of the attack I was enroute from Germany, part of the way back to Turkey we were ordered to go EMCON (radio silence) and were immediately placed under the escort of U.S. Air Force F-15 fighters that turned their fire control radars on us for the rest of the trip. We werent told what happened in the U.S. until we were on the ground.

    The world is completely different for me now, I've been retired from the Navy for over 5 years and my main priority is no longer deploying to foreign countries to enforce American diplomacy.
    Today I didnt find out Bin Laden had been apprehended until I turned on the news at 0510 to get ready for work. I was kind of surprised to hear he had been caught, then again anyone thats seen B-52 bombing missions conducted in the Afghanistan mountains would be surprised there were any people left alive there.
    Definately something thats long overdue but unfortunately it isnt the end of the road, only another turn in the road.
    Good luck to all those still deployed in that hell the rest of the world calls the middle east, keep your head down and come home fast and safe.
    Thank you all who are current/past Military. Your service means the world to me, and everyone else. Thank you for what you do, day in and day out.

    Anyways. 9/11/01. I was in 5th grade (youngest one so far). I remember our principle came over the P.A system, when the first plan hit. And again when the 2nd plane hit, when the Pentagon got hit, and when Flight 93 went down. Being younger, I knew enough about what happened, but not the why. I don't think I could have comprehended at the time the "why" part of it. All I knew, was we were under attack, and we were going to war.

    I got home that day, to a teared filled family. I think everyone did that day. I watched George W's speach that night to the nation. Watching him speak, made me that much "more" American. I wanted to do whatever I could at the time to help out. I think we all wanted to help out, and bring Bin Ladin to justice.

    Yesterday, I found out VIA facebook. A few FB status came about about "Bin Ladin dead, links?". I ran upstairs to check the news with my family. I sat and listened, and looked up links to find out if it was true or not. I watched Obama's speach via internet last night. I'm not much of an Obama support; But last night I gave him my upmost respect as our president. I don't care if your Democrat, Republican, or whatever. As our President, he did his job.

    Both yesterday, and 9/11 brought us Americans closer and stronger. We put our differences aside both day's. 9/11 we came together to help one and another. Yesterday, we came together to celebrate the success of the United States Military and our President. Both day's made us all "Proud to be an American"

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    I was in the 5th grade when 9/11 happened. i was pullin a graveyard shift working on bombers in the air force when i found out osama was killed

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    Watching MLB baseball
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    I was in 4th grade. I remember waking up late and seeing it on the tv then going to school and looking at the tvs as I was passing the classrooms. Every classroom had it on the tv. I got to class and my teacher was crying. I think she might've known someone that was around the towers at the time. I found out about Osama being killed through facebook and turned on the news immediately. Today I'm almost 19 and will be joining a couple of my best friends in the Marines soon.
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    I was at work in the semi i drive for major LTL carrier delivering freight. i was in my service area (Oshkosh Wi.) pulling up to the gate at Oshkosh Trucks north plant. As i went to the guard shack to get my pass, the guard who knows me asked if i called home. they know i'm originally from the NY city area and was curious if any of my family was near ground zero. I literally didnt know what he was talking about since there was no working radio in my cab. I sat down in the shack and watched in Horror and disgust! When the P.O.S was killed, i was laying in bed trying to sleep. i just came off of vacation and was wired all nite. finally turned the T.V. on and put Fox news on. Geraldo Rivera was celebrating like he just won the Lottery. Some of my neighbors were lighting off fireworks. I did not get any sleep that nite.
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    9/11 I was at home my day off, my girlfriend came running in the house yelling turn on the TV. We were just in time to see the second plane hit. She is originally from NYC. We knew the world would never be the same.......... Osama.... I was sleeping peacefully, Thanks to all that protect my freedom!!!!!!!!!!! You are all my heros, andin my prayers!!!!!!!
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    On 9/11 I was in 8th grade in science class. The principal appeared at our door and motioned my teacher to come outside. I've always been the type of person to have to know everything before everyone else so when this happened (very unusual), I couldn't sit still. I decided "I needed to go to the restroom" and followed my teacher out the door so that I could hear the principal tell my teacher that an explosion had occurred at one of the World Trade Center towers. At that point, all of the televisions in every classroom were turned to the news and we watched all day as the rest of the events unfolded. It wasn't long after the initial report that we (of course) found out that it had actually been a plane crash.... Like most folks, it wasn't until the second plane hit that people started to realize that it couldn't have been an accident.

    A few days later, my English teacher made us write poems on what happened that day but because of her anger, she made a strict point that she didn't want to see Osama's name anywhere in any of our poems. I'll never forget how serious she was about it. It was off-putting at first.

    This is all I can remember off the top of my head of that 8th grade poem. It's up in my closet back home at my parents' house.

    On September Eleventh the towers went down
    In one of our countries largest towns.
    People were killed and people were hurt
    But our nation's heros continued to work.

    'This will weaken their government' the aggressors thought
    But they were wrong, right on the spot.
    Our hearts became fonder
    And our nation grew stronger.

    As for UBL's death... I was watching a movie online when someone in the chat mentioned that UBL had been killed. I immediately turned to Google for more answers but it was too early for any news articles to have been written. I turned to Fox News and watched until around 12:30 and then went to bed so that I could actually wake up on time Monday morning. What a great day Monday was for everyone!

    May God bless all who have continued to serve our country throughout this fight!
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    9/11 - I was in the hospital getting something done with my head after a wrestling tournament when the first tower was hit. I walked back out in the waiting room to see it on the news. By the time i got home, both towers were gone.

    Bin Laden Dead - Serving in the Middle East, Navy style. Ill be back state side in a couple weeks. Our mission is complete!!

    - David -

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    9/11 -- Was in high school in elective aritectural design. So happened was on the internet and came acroos reports of explosion at WTC in NY. Didn't think of anything of it. By the next hour in the next class, all classes were secured and tvs were turned on.

    Joined the military to support war efforts (along with my brother) -- did two tours, one in support OIF/OEF and OEF.

    Death of UBL -- Didn't hear anything of it tell I got to work and buddy told me, thought he was joking but word soon spread quickly. Time difference is only reason, i live in italy right now.

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    9/11- I was in high school, sophomore, watched it happening at home, then watched it on the news all day in school, just devistating. When I first saw it I couldn't believe that it had happened, like it was a bad sketch for a movie and not real. It's one of the big reasons I joined the navy when I graduated in '03

    osama- I just got home from camping at the oregon dunes and my girlfriend texted me to turn on the news, pretty wild, I wasn't as excited about it as I thought I would be though, as it really means that those #$#@$% are just going to do revenge plots now against our brothers and sisters, though we will prevail, a bunch of sand suckers don't have s#$t on the men and woman protecting our freedoms and way of life.

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