hello, I'm shopping for an intake and I am seriously considering a k&n drop in filter with an upgraded resonator tube, or an AEM intake. I have some concerns though.

How does the stock MAF sensor work with a open filter intake like the AEM? I have read some material that claims the benefits an open air intake like the AEM are negated by the MAF sensor. So basically, to get the most out of an open air intake (AEM) you need to upgrade the MAF sensor, add an additional o2 sensor and reprogram the computer. Is the k&n a better choice because of this?

I have also seen that hydro-lock can be the cause of an open intake. I understand bypass valve can also prevent hydro-lock. Is the stock air box is designed to prevent hydro-lock?

Finally I'm wondering who makes a good aftermarket resonator tube.

2000 Silverado 4.8L, 3 inch dynomax cat back exhaust

I really appreciate any feedback.
Chevy life