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    Default Ever heard of a drop pitman?

    I've got a 79 GMC sierra 4x4 turbo 350/ 350 .60 over 6 inch suspension lift anyone ever heard of installing a drop pitman arm when installing a lift like this, the reason I ask is it appears to be the stock pitman arm, and it looks like theres more stress on it than there should be.

    thanks in advance

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    I Have
    I put a 6 inc rearch high jacker kit into a 85 chevy 2500 deisel and the kit came with a drop pitman arm and if I remiember right that was the tuffest part of the whole build try to get the old arm off the box

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    Since most trucks being lifted now a days are IFS dropped pitman arms are unheard of.
    Used to be a very common addition with leaf sprung trucks.
    The secret to a better handling and steering spring lifted truck is to have the pitman arm should be perfectly horozontal to the frame.
    Without a dropped pitman you tend to get wandering, bump steer, and the truck will always follow ridges and grooves in the road surface.
    Surprised this wasnt part of the original lift manufacturers have known for years this was a required part to properly lifta truck.
    Before tearing into the truck get a big pickle fork and mallet, or if you have access to an air compressor an air chisle with a pickle fork bit will work great too. Spray the pitman arm attachment points with your favorite penetrating oil the night before.
    If it gets real hard to take off try using a Mapp torch to heat the attaching points up a little while hitting the pickle fork.

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    Welcome to the club, Dave. Yes a drop pitman arm should be used with the lift. Maybe someone was cutting corners to save money. As Tim said it should have come with the lift kit unless the previous owner made a homemade lift kit. Skyjacker makes a drop pitman arm for your truck.

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