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    We've all "been there done that", so I'll tell you the same thing my dad told me and the same thing I tell my kids, don't break the law and you won't have to deal with the police, plain and simple. If you are going to squeal the tires and be a hot head then be prepared to pay the consequences. I always look at these instances as opportunities, I'm not devoutly religious but I do believe in God. And I think He is trying to tell you something, calm down behind the wheel before you kill yourself or worse, kill someone else. We were all young and reckless at one time, but we all had someone telling us to slow down. If you take heed you'll probably make it, if not, you more than likely won't. Just my .02.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstarrchevy81 View Post
    I'm in the military and most cop's in town know who i am and some are in my Unit so i can get off allot easier than most people when you have a Iraq Veteran tag. I got pulled over one time after drinking and driving at 2 in the mornin on fourth of july and ended up gettin out of a DUI even though i wasn't but a few miles from my house.
    You should be so proud. Excellent advice! "Join the military and you can get away with being a total a$$!" I get off work usually between 1 & 3 A.M. and encounter drunk drivers all the time. You ought to know better. You're willing to risk your life for this country, but also willing to jeopardize the lives of your fellow citizens by driving drunk. Am I being a bit harsh? You bet, but this touches a nerve deep inside.

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    Rockstarrchevy81, I have to agree with troutbug with your actions.

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    Well here's a couple of big things, I was less than a half mile away from my house in a colda sack with no houses around me and no people or cars. I burned my tires for less than a half a second. I know what I did was wrong but it's not like I sat there and roasted them for 20 seconds until there was smoke in the air. Once i heard my tires squeel I let off the gas and cruised off at a normal speed. I just kinda feel f'ed over because I explained to the cop that I didn't sit there and hold it and i wasnt trying to be a "hothead". I told him why I did it and he laughed at me and told me, "that's what they all say."(I told him my truck normally never does it and I wanted to see if it would and when it started to roast them I let off.) I understand why he pulled me over but come on he could of gave me a warning or a birthday present because im turning 17 on friday. I know I broke the law but I normally dont do things like that unless I'm at the track. He also questioned me excessively about if I had tobacco or alcohol in the car. He asked me like 6 times and then asked me if he could search the truck like 3 times and I told him politely I didn't have anything illegal in the car and the he could search it if he wanted. When I said he could search it he asked me to step out of the car, I did camly and did what he said. I think he made such a big deal out of it cause I have long hair and look like a "stoner". I think that people need to go beyond the cover because I'm actually a good person. I have had straight As since the 6th grade, I'm involved in yearbook at my school and do community service regularly. I made one little mistake and he took it out of proportion. I know I shouldn't of peeled out for that 1/2 a second but I don't think it required a ticket. I also know that I should have controlled my temper but I am pretty much screwed. Now I have court on a day that I have school, and I haven't missed a day so far(there goes perfect attendance), I can't take my defensive driving class because I used that. Now I have to find a way to pay for my ticket, pay for my surivival school, and a way to pay for my soon to be raised insurance. The cop may have taught me a long life lesson but screwed me over for the short run.
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    Welcome to the real world.. Sorry to say... But as a wise man told me years ago.. "It is,what it is"... We all live and learn from our mistakes big and small... I did at times and I still do dumb things... I won't try and be a perfect adult and tell you I don't.. Only hypocrites do that...As much as it sucks,it is how the rest of life will be... Still playin cops and robbers...after all these years.. You wanta mod your truck they don't like it that( loud, tall, fast, low, color lights, bright lights etc.) It's all the same... So learn what you can do... try not to get caught when you play... and learn everytime they pull you over...
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    A straight A student should know better, look, were not trying to bust your balls but most of the guys are on here have been through things like this. It's how you get past them that defines you. If this is the worst that happens to you be thankful, but you have to realize you have to pay to "play". Whether or not you were in a secluded area or not has no bearing on what you were doing and most accidents happen within 2 miles from home,( And by the way its spelled "cul de sac", and I wasn't a straight A student). You'll get more positive responses from the forum when you get on here and tell us that you faced the music and paid your fines instead of whining about how bad you have it.

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    Chad, you seem pretty reasonable & intelligent for your age, probably more so than I was. I think I got between 15 & 20 tickets from age 16 to 25 but the one thing that changed my driving style & stopped the tickets, is what my friend told me after I got my last ticket. He said, every time you have to pay for a ticket, that's money you won't ever get to spend on your car, & that was the most important thing to me at the time was spending money for carbs, headers, manifolds, tires, wheels etc. When I thought it about it like that I never got another ticket.
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    Chad, my advice is this: pay the ticket, quit thinking about it, learn from the mistake, and move on. In the grand scheme of things, this is a very minor infraction. The officer could have cited you for much more than he did based on your story (and frankly, that's usually what happens when folks start getting an attitude with the officer). I completely understand your frustration but the more you think about, the more it's going to bother you. If it would make you feel better to go to court and try to repeal the ticket, go for it. At least you'll have the satisfaction of being heard. Like others have said, though, don't be surprised if the results do not turn out to be in your favor. And if that turns out to be the case, don't take it personally. Judges hear the "I didn't do it and the cop is exaggerating" all the time so after a while, it just doesn't effect them and they'll side with the officer. This isn't exactly a bad thing either, that officer didn't just turn in an application and start work the next day. Depending on the size of the department, he probably went through background checks, review boards, polygraphs, and everything else. He may have been a little harsh, but you can't pick the officer that pulls you over.

    Best of luck, buddy! Hang in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstarrchevy81 View Post
    I have to agree with everyone saying that no matter if you were in the right or wrong situation to a certain extent if you are polite, kind, and curtious most cop's will let you go and give you a warning on most term's. If a cop see's you have a attitude of any sort most of them try to see how much mad they can make you by feeding you more bs and making the situation worse than it really was. Idk if i would take this to court but i wasn't there to see al what went on besides your side of the story but most cases unless you have a witness or anything the cop's word is over your head in court. I'm in the military and most cop's in town know who i am and some are in my Unit so i can get off allot easier than most people when you have a Iraq Veteran tag. I got pulled over one time after drinking and driving at 2 in the mornin on fourth of july and ended up gettin out of a DUI even though i wasn't but a few miles from my house. I hope you do the right thing and learn from it even though some have consequences and some don't but learn from it like i did good luck man.

    I served too!, 8 years active duty as an MP. Not sure how many civilians,officers and lower enlisted that i stopped for DUI. didnt really care where they served, you dont have the right to risk someone elses life. if i stopped you , you wouldnt skate, guarenteed!
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    Accountibility is a tough pill to swallow, but it's what separates the men from the boys, so to speak. You did something wrong and you got called on it, so take responsibility for your actions. It doesn't matter where, when or how you break the law, but rather what does matter is the fact that you got caught. And the person who is employed to enforce the laws isn't to blame here.

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